About Pretec

Our company has a long history of craftsmanship and we continue to work on necessary future innovations. This requires investment in vocational training, but also in materials and machinery.

A sharp vision

Collaboration with our customers is our top priority. And of coarse positive collaboration; from product drawing to the manufacture of the end product. We can also help you in coming up with solutions and possibilities. Experience and craftsmanship. Every assignment is carried out with the utmost attention; no matter if it concerns a fewer units or larger numbers. We are proud of our people, who combine their experience with appropriate vocational training and high commitment. We deliver on time and in accordance with agreements.

Modern high-tech machinery

These days, technical developments take place at an extremely fast pace. Digital and robot techniques provide more and more possibilities, solutions and therefore opportunities. Pretec follows new developments all the time. By investing in our high-tech machine workshop and related training requirements, Pretec is able to continuously guarantee the high quality production and services that it stands for.

Sustainable and socially responsible entrepreneurship

At Pretec we focus on high-quality products, while paying attention to the world around us. Pretec is happy to make a social contribution, both to people and the environment. It should therefore come as no surprise that we are working on sustainability and environmentally friendly solutions. The company runs entirely on green electricity and exclusively uses LED lamps for lighting. All oils and fats are carefully separated from the domestic waste. By offering trainee apprenticeships and metalworking internships, we also fulfil our social responsibility. Moreover, we regularly support positive initiatives of social importance to our local environment.