Your trusted supplier of precision technology for over 30 years.

What started in 1986 with a simple milling machine and turning machine is now a full-service supplier of high-quality, innovative precision products located in a modern 1,400 m2 building.

The first years

In the early years, Pretec worked in a storage warehouse between caravans. At the time two machines were installed; a Cincinatti milling machine and a Traub E42 turning machine. This simple automatic turning proved to be succesfull. So successful that the company could expand and grow into a reliable supplier, working with exclusively CNC-controlled machines.

Steady growth

Based on the industrial estate in Voorschoten, Pretec is currently undergoing a steady development. In just 12 years time, the company has grown from 440 m2 to 1,100 m2 in the space. All this was made possible by delivering high-quality service and, above all, by listening to the needs of its customers. The great skill and close involvement of employees, many of whom have been employed for several years, was also indispensable in this.


After having been actively involved in Pretec for many years, R.H.J. Abbenhuis and M.J. van Rooyen took over operations from the founders in 2003. Regardless of this, there has been a continued emphasis on providing high-quality service to clients. Craftsmanship also remains high on our list. We continue to invest in modern machines, automation, robotics and qualified employees.