Working together on quality

A high-tech machine workshop makes a lot of the aforementioned possible, but ultimately it is the Pretec professionals who realise the product with their knowledge and expertise. This is done by means of excellent cooperation between employees and a passion for the profession. By continuously investing in team building, training, work meetings and shorter lines of communication, we are able to work quickly, accurately and adequately on your projects. You can always rely on us.

In the end, it is the professionals who are responsible for your product

Responsible and involved

Pretec Precisietechniek stimulates employees’ own responsibility in the work process. In doing so, we take their professional knowledge, years of experience and insight into account. Therefore, employees can to a large extent determine their own approach to specialist work. By working intensively in teams, combined with their own responsibility, employees have the opportunity to think and develop themselves innovatively and creatively. Employee involvement in a product is relatively large. Such involvement greatly benefits the end result – your product. And that’s what it’s all about after all.

Recognised training company

By offering internships, apprentice instrument makers and metal workers can become familiar with the latest technologies and techniques, gain practical experience and work on their personal development and professional knowledge. In this way, Pretec is fulfils its social responsibility. As a recognised training company, there are two in-house teachers who provide optimal guidance.

Interested in an internship at Pretec? Please contact us for the possibilities.