Pretec, your professional partner in precision engineering

Pretec Precisietechniek is a supplier of the high-precision, offshore, petrochemical, machine building, shipping and process industry specialised in CNC turning and milling of all types of metals and plastics. These may be prototypes but also large numbers in a series, entirely according to your specifications and wishes.

Highly experienced with prototypes and large numbers in a series

One-stop shop for metal and plastic processing

Pretec provides you with a complete package. In addition to the processing of many steel and stainless steel types, plastics and non-ferrous materials, we also work with various suppliers to provide sheet metal work and post-processing or surface treatments. Think of galvanizing, chrome plating, anodizing, grinding, hardening and corrugating. More >

Craftsmanship, experience and high-quality technical knowledge

30 years of experience and a sharp vision

Each of our assignments is executed with the utmost care. Craftsmanship, experience and high-quality technical knowledge have been crucial to our business operations for 30 years now. Thanks to extensive automation and robotisation, Pretec Precisietechniek has a high-tech machine workshop, so that every product meets the highest technical quality requirements. Moreover, investment in quality vocational training has resulted in skilled, committed and motivated employees. Pretec always delivers projects on time, in line with agreements and with consideration for the product and above all: attention to your wishes. More >

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