In recent months, many people have been working very hard on and in our new building. While outside the final parts of the pavement were completed and the trees in front of the building were given a definite place, our office and the production hall – including machines and apparatus – were fully furnished. Now that the first production weeks in the new location are behind us and our logo is attached to the front wall, we decided it would be a great time to organise an Open House for family, friends, staff and relations.

On Friday, 1 April, the Open House at Pretec was finally held at our new location at Industrieweg 24. The machines were polished, the floors were swept and the building’s wall was stripped of the final building materials. The guests were warmly welcomed with a red carpet under an arch of black and orange balloons. Moreover, for this special occasion the production hall was festively decorated with a bar and standing tables. We received more than 150 guests who immediately took advantage of a short tour through the new building. There was a lot of interests in the production machines that were operating for this particular occasion. We were particularly honoured by the presence of Mayor Staatsen and Alderman Nieuwenhuizen of the Municipality of Voorschoten. We can look back on a fun and successful open house.

We would like to thank all our relations for their presence and the warm congratulations and beautiful gifts we received. We greatly appreciate it! In addition, we would like to thank all of our employees for the beautiful metal ‘P’lantenbaq’. We will definitely give it a prominent place in our office.

Mark van Rooyen en Rob Abbenhuis

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